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  • What products are you planning to make available in the near future?
    We have an exciting lineup of new offerings in the works! Our dedicated team is currently working on expanding our farm's products to include even more delicious and sustainable options for our customers. We have recently started a bee colony with the aim of having over 100 hives tended to by our expert beekeeper, which will allow us to offer a range of locally produced honey and other bee products. In addition, we will be offering a diverse range of egg products from our carefully selected breeds of poultry, including Australorps chickens, Muscovy ducks, California quail, guinea fowl, and geese. Our pasture-raised heritage kunekune breed pigs will be available next spring, both as piglets you can take home and as delicious pork products. Furthermore, we are currently working on expanding our milk products to include a variety of goat, sheep, and cow's cheese, sour cream, kefir, ryazhenka (a traditional Ukrainian fermented baked milk product), yogurt, butter, cottage cheese, and many more. We're excited to continue expanding our offerings and bringing our customers the best and most sustainable products possible.
  • Where do you get your animal feed from?
    At our farm, we are dedicated to producing high-quality and sustainable feed for our animals. Our focus on self-sufficiency has driven us to acquire and provide over 200 acres of lush green pasture for our livestock to graze from. In addition, we have established our own diverse set of crops that are carefully harvested to create top-notch hay and forage for the colder and rainier months. We take pride in our commitment to providing our animals with the best possible diet, and we believe that our methods help to ensure the health and vitality of our livestock while minimizing our environmental impact.
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